Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Floral Design .... Containers Matter

In the Garden Club World there are over thirty different floral design types.  They range from simple to very complicated.  The balance between filled space and empty space varies with the design type, but any designer will tell you they both are equally important. Just as important as the structure, balance, depth, color, texture, etc. is the container that is used in the flower arrangement.  It sets the tone for the entire creation. It is the anchor of your art. (Don't be deceived.... a floral design is a very personal piece of artwork).

The container needs to match the design type given in the schedule, or if you are making a centerpiece for your home, it must certainly be a low to the table arrangement.  The greens and the flowers must not interrupt the line of vision.  As with any hobby or artistic endeavor, you must collect the things that are necessary for your craft.  Containers may be homemade or bought.  Homemade versions, for example, are clean tuna cans spray painted black or any color you choose. The other end of the spectrum is to buy them from potters or welders.  These tend to be pricey, but they are coming from artists as well.

Below are some photos of designs that were created using the perfect container for the type.  Enjoy.

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