Friday, October 23, 2015

Novice Class - Assymetrical, October 2015

Our club has started something new.  We've added a novice class and had one entry this time.  It had a fall theme and the schedule was an assymetrical.  Good job!!

Class 1 "Fall Frolic" Rule 1 - all fresh, October, 2015

These Class 1 designs were a Rule 1 - all fresh.  it was undesignated, so the trend was "creative"  as shown in the photos belows.

Class 2 Design, October 2015 "Ghosts and Ghouls"

These Class 2 designs were a Rule 3 and made use of many extra components.  Fun and full of imagination.  This was a creative desig category.

Class 3 Design category - "A Tiny Bit of Color"

These tiny designs were so pretty and well done.  The time and attention really showed with this category.

"Fall Horticulture" October CGC meeting

The October meeting had some fantastic entries!! The Horticulture pictured below was perfect.  I enjoyed seeing so many entries (we had about 40), especially after we had a frost.  Well done ladies!