Abstract and Armature designs

Armature design is a design that is created on a grid like structure with the components placed on the grid in a creative way. The structure is made by the exhibitor. A designer may add other  grid like material to a man made structure to make it uniquely their own.   Below is an armature design by Tony Tedesco who created and defined the armature design.

An Abstract design as stated in HB pg. 196 is a creative design using different parts to create a dominance of abstraction look.  The design should look unnatural and unrealistic but complete. The abstraction can be the container, plant material, or different items you include to make the whole.  There is a more complete description on pages 185 and 186.  In a chat with Phillipa Smith, a Piedmont District Judge, and Chester member, she stated that you should use three or more components to create the design. Two or less is too weak to display dominance of abstraction. It might be the placement of plant material. For ex. Putting something in upside down or sideways.  She stated that all leaf manipulation is an abstraction. In a final note, pg 186 section D states that there are certain design types that are automatically abstract designs., but we aren't limited to these styles.  Phillipa stated that any design style can be abstract when you use abstract components to make the whole.

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