Wednesday, July 13, 2016

January 2016 Garden Club Designs

Oh, well!!  Better late than never.  I was going through my photos on my iPad and realized I have several pictures to post.  This one will be the January designs.  I will add the design schedule so that you have an idea of which one goes with which.  I'm sorry I don't have the ladies identified that made each flower arrangement, but let's just say our club is loaded with talent and flower show judges.  It's so fun to see what designs are made each month.  I'm sure you will agree when you see these designs.

Division I:  Artistic Exhibits

Class A. "Ring in the New Year" - vibratile. HB p. 212.. Rule 3

Class B. "White as Snow".   Rule 1

Class C. "New Year's Resolutions". A reflective design. HB p. 207.   Rule 3

Doris Crowell design class

Our lovely Doris C. taught a class at our local library on a recent Saturday morning.  Several ladies spent a morning watching how she created four simple designs and learned the basics of floral design.  The emphasis was on balance, scale, rhythm and placement of flowers.  The interactive presentation led to lively discussions and numerous jokes.  We enjoyed a fun and informative atmosphere.  I hope this isn't the last of these Saturday morning classes.

She demonstrated a triangle, Hogarth curve, creative, and linear designs.