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Hello Everyone! I have long wanted to go to a website that was dedicated to Garden Clubs. So, I decided to create one. I'm Melissa, and I love all things about being in a Garden Club. As a Chesterfield County, VA, Master Gardener, there is a deep love of Horticulture in my heart. But, there is also a thrill when I have created a floral design and placed it to be judged. I can't wait to see how it fared and take the judges comments to heart.

 You will be seeing photos of many types of floral designs and also tips about entering designs and Horticulture specimens.  I will also post photos of great gardens. As the President of the Chester Garden Club, I will be posting pictures from our monthly luncheons of designs and wonderful plant entries.  

To contact me, please email me at gardenclubjournal@gmail.com

Stay tuned!


  1. You cannot imagine how happy you have made me today! Discovering your website through a pin on Pinterest, is just what I needed. Thank you for taking the time to do this! I'm a new designer in the garden club world. It seems to me that garden clubs outside of my city (NYC) do so much more. I may need to move! Seriously, thank you!

  2. I love seeing good photos of designs. Thanks for posting them. As a former teacher-librarian who insisted that students cite sources and give credit, I'd really like to see designers' names or URL links with the photos. Please consider that when posting future photos.

  3. I'm really enjoying your photos of small and miniature designs. I'm entering in my counties flower show with horticultural flowers and green leafed items. This will be my first year in designing. I'm co-president of my garden club. Thanks for your blog!

  4. Hola Melissa, le escribe Mary Esther de Herrera, desde Panamá, buscando en internet, encontré las referencias que haces de nuestro blog y me han encantado tus palabras ... le transmitiré a mi Club de jardinería de Las Cumbres, de Panamá, tus cariñosas palabras, me has alegrado al tarde.... las fotos las tomo de las actividades de mi club y también de los otros clubes del país y de Centroamérica...
    espero que algún dia nos podamos conocer ..
    yo soy juez del National Garden Club, Panamá