Friday, October 23, 2015

Novice Class - Assymetrical, October 2015

Our club has started something new.  We've added a novice class and had one entry this time.  It had a fall theme and the schedule was an assymetrical.  Good job!!

Class 1 "Fall Frolic" Rule 1 - all fresh, October, 2015

These Class 1 designs were a Rule 1 - all fresh.  it was undesignated, so the trend was "creative"  as shown in the photos belows.

Class 2 Design, October 2015 "Ghosts and Ghouls"

These Class 2 designs were a Rule 3 and made use of many extra components.  Fun and full of imagination.  This was a creative desig category.

Class 3 Design category - "A Tiny Bit of Color"

These tiny designs were so pretty and well done.  The time and attention really showed with this category.

"Fall Horticulture" October CGC meeting

The October meeting had some fantastic entries!! The Horticulture pictured below was perfect.  I enjoyed seeing so many entries (we had about 40), especially after we had a frost.  Well done ladies!

Friday, September 25, 2015

I found a Treasure

Have you ever been wandering through the internet and found something exciting?  I just discovered a blog about a talented and sophisticated group of Panamanian floral designers.  I will give you a sample of their designs and the link for you to go see some really awesome flower arrangements. There are examples of hanging mobile, construction, multi-rhythmic, creative and more.    Here goes....

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Late September Beauties

I was visiting my friend Margi today, and as I was leaving, I strolled by her garden.  Well.... I couldn't resist taking pics of her beautiful flowers, even on this late September day.  We are to have three days of rain and I know it will not look the same after the downpours.  I just knew she was looking out her windows and wondering what in the world I was doing still there and obviously taking pictures.  Well, Margi, this is what came of it and I am thrilled to show your beauties on this blog.
The first two are dahlias, then a cleome, dahlias again, then pink phlox, black-eyed susan vine, asters, beauty berry, impatiens and finally persian shield.  She is a gardener extrodinaire!!

From Mason Jars to the Altar

Our Club had our annual BBQ last Friday and used fresh cut zinnias from our president's garden.  Barbara gave the flowers to Rita Johnson, one of our very talented designers, and voila' a bouquet fit for the altar at St. John's Episcopal church.  We may even get her to display the design in the Chester Library and the flowers will then have done triple duty.  Ha!    Isn't designing fun???  Great job Rita!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Delicate Diversions - miniature designs

Our Club had a category for miniature designs at the September meeting.  We had a wide range of styles and materials.  Each miniature is a design contained in a 5 x 5 inch space.  (Not as easy as you may think).  These are designs that use the same rules as balance, texture, rhythm,..... all on a very small scale.  Enjoy these talented ladies designs.

Dahlia Days at Garden Club

Our Club was so blessed to have a great horticulture display at the September meeting.  We had several entrees in each category.  The dahlias were spectacular as you will see.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Chester, VA Garden Club September 2015

Our Club had a great day at the first meeting of the year.  We were excited to begin our new club year and reunite after our summer break.  Our design schedule included three classes.  This blog showcases our Class 1 entries.  Look at the following blog posts for additional classes and horticulture, plus our program with Barbara Dillard.

Class 1    "Golden Days"  Rule 1