Monday, April 24, 2017

Floral Designs from the Garden Club - Garden Tour

When the Chester Garden Club decided to host a Garden Tour this Spring, the Club thought it would be a good thing to have displays of horticulture and floral designs at the Parish Hall to showcase our club's activities.  All submissions were on a volunteer basis and the plant material had to be grown by the club member.  In a previous post I show pics of a small portion of the horticulture that was exhibited.

We had eight ladies volunteer to make floral designs.  What a remarkable showing we had and they each one were beautiful.  The designer was given free reign to do whichever type she wanted.  We had an angular design, several creative designs, and the new design titled "Low Profile".(one of the new design types listed in the NGC Handbook - its created to be viewed from above). Enjoy the photos.

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