Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Designing Divas of the Chester Garden Club

The program at the September meeting was fantastic.  We had four of our very talented designers showcase different styles of design.  Our 1st VP Rita Johnson showcased the Assemblage, and the Transparency designs,  Doris Crowell, a Master Judge and Novice class teacher, demonstrated the use of Features and Accessories.  She stated that when using a Feature you need to remember that it needs to be the focal point of the design and without it the design is incomplete.  An Accessory is a compliment.  Without it the design is still complete.  Susanne Hillier taught us the Horizontal line design with added components that transformed it into an Angular design.  And our own Gypsy Cook taught us how to make the Spatial Thrust design type.  She used the Handbook to describe how to accomplish making it and made four designs for us to see a vertical, horizontal, and diagonal Spatial Thrust design.  Enjoy the photos.  The ladies gave me permission to post these pictures.

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