Friday, October 18, 2019

October 2019 Garden Club Meeting

The Chester Garden Club had a fabulous time at our October meeting on Wednesday. The speaker was Charlotte Cunningham, a Master Judge, who taught about the elements of design and tips on creating a floral arrangement.   Lots of fun with questions and humorous stories.  Thank you Charlotte.

Our Artistic Design Schedule is below followed by several of the arrangements that were brought in for judging.  Two of our design classes:  Autumn Sunset and It’s Hobgoblin Time are showcased below:

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

October Designs at the Midlothian Garden Club

I had the privilege to be with the Midlothian Garden Club today and to see their beautiful floral designs.  They sponsored four divisions this month and you will see that each design was tastefully and cunningly developed.  Thank you ladies for a lovely day.  Their schedule:

Div 1   “Forest Treasures”
            “Autumn Mood”
            “Pipe Dreams”. ~ Tubular design
            “Witches Brew” ~ dried or fresh

Friday, September 6, 2019

September 2019 Schedule Part 1

Hello.  We are going to use this blog to highlight our upcoming September schedule.  There have been several members that were very busy this summer preparing for this new year.  We give a big Thank You to all of them.  There will be several articles in the next week showcasing the September Design Schedule.  Our first one is titled:

“Mother’s Garden”.  a Mass Design.  The NGC Handbook’s definition of a mass design includes the following:
   a. Characterized by using a large quantity of plant material
   b. Formed into a close silhouette, but not crowded
   c. Having no crossing lines
   d. Forms, colors, and textures placed to create interest

Below you will see several photos of Mass Designs.  Also, there are several more examples on the following blog:

Friday, July 12, 2019

The Reasons I Garden

Growing a garden soothes my soul.  As I was walking in it this morning, gathering the flowers for this bouquet, I was thinking about the reasons I weed, water, and tend to my plants.  After I got the floral arrangement made with its whimsical fanciful shape, I knew... this is one of the reasons I go to the trouble.  There are just three plants used here and placed into an heirloom pitcher that my grandmother gave me... it is a pitcher and bowl set.  I used Tiger lilies, burgundy basil, and Baptisia for the greens.  I gathered them in a bouquet type bunch, put a rubber band around the bottom and placed in the pitcher full of water.  I have just set my table for dinner tonight and this makes the perfect centerpiece.  Summertime to me!!

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Transparency Designs, July 2019

One of the design types that Garden Clubs use is the transparency.  The NGC Handbook for Flower Shows describes the type as:    

Transparency Design
The Handbook states it is a creative design including see-through elements that permit some components to be viewed through others.  The transparent material must be seen through easily and may be plant material or man made.   

Here are a few recent photos of this design type.  These examples were obtained through an internet search and the floral artists were not identified.

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Americana Garden Clubbing

Garden Clubs across the USA are bringing out their spark and creativity and letting their patriotic spirit thrive and bloom in floral art.  Whether it is a casual or more structured design, these inspirational arrangements shout “Let Freedom Ring”.    We have posted several more examples on our Facebook page titled.... Chester Garden Club, Chester, VA.

 Hope you have a very nice celebration for the 4th of July!!     Melissa